Sports law is a niche legal activity in which Professor Buchberger has been involved since his admission as a lawyer in 1998. This means that he was one of the first members of the legal profession to identify a demand for legal support in the field of professional sport. For almost two decades, Professor Buchberger has been advising athletes, managers, coaches, sports clubs and associations, marketing agencies, sponsors, investors, agencies as well as many businesses which are in close contact with the sporting world. This work takes place at all interfaces between professional sport and law.

As Professor Markus Buchberger states, "Sports law is a special area of law simply because it comes into contact with a large number of different fields. Sports law is not a self-contained field of law. The dominant characteristic of sports law is that the respective legal issues have to be dealt with by taking into consideration aspects that are unique to professional sport. That means that there is a demand not only for qualified lawyers in various fields of law, but also for lawyers who are highly familiar with the specific status quo that exists in the field of professional sport."

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