Sports management has been taught as a main subject at the Rheinahrcampus of Koblenz University of Applied Sciences (Remagen) since 1998. This leads to a qualification at degree level for managers. In 2003, Professor Buchberger was the first professor to be appointed to a chair at a German university in order to run a department teaching Sports Law alone. Prior to that, Professor Buchberger was the first person to present a lecture in sports law at a German university (at the Ruhr university in Bochum). He also taught sports law at the Bucerius Law School, a private university in Hamburg.

The teaching work of Professor Buchberger focusses on employment law in sport, contract law in professional sport, sports association law and the legal basis underpinning sports marketing. To this day, far in excess of 500 sports managers have been trained at the Rheinahr campus. In the meantime, they now hold a whole string of senior positions at clubs, marketing organisations and other positions in the world of professional sport   

Professor Markus Buchberger’s response, "A clever procedure has been adopted for selecting the students for the course taught at the Rheinahrcampus. This is also probably why they are amongst the most highly motivated prospective sports managers to be trained in the many different courses in sports management at private and state-run universities. My work teaching at university is the ideal complement to the work I do as a sports lawyer and HR consultant in the world of professional sport. The students contribute interesting perspectives to the topical, case-oriented content of the course. Besides this, constant contact with prospective sports managers enables the HR consultant in me to keep in tune with, and aware of, talent and vacancies within the labour market for sports management".

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