HR consultants for professional sport

Head coaches hold the most important position within a professional club. Hopes that the sporting objectives set will be achieved are pinned upon their commitment: They exert the greatest influence upon the players in their day-to-day work with the team. Ever more frequently they are poached mid-contract by other clubs. At times of crisis they become the main target of criticism levelled by those persons responsible for the club, the media and other persons involved.
Professor Markus Buchberger has been supporting a limited number of head coaches and coaching teams for a number of years, primarily in professional football. The clients of in sports are supported in response to requests made by clubs in Germany and other countries, often mid-contract and when there is a change in head coaches or coaching teams, right up to the end of a contract. Here, the coaching staff benefit from having good contact with clubs, discreet mediation and in addition to this, they can rely upon the person they speak to having the relevant legal expertise and experience.

Head coaches & Coaching teams

In his capacity as a club official, Professor Markus Buchberger has already selected a large number of head coaches, negotiated with them and has also had to let some of them go. This means that he is not only able to see things from the perspective of head coaches, but also assess the given circumstances extant at clubs. The clients of in sports are able to benefit from his experience based on almost 20 years as a sports lawyer, club official, adviser to coaches and a specialist in employment law.

As Professor Markus Buchberger states, "Successful coaching careers depend upon choosing stimulating, career-enhancing assignments at the right time. In addition to this, the promises discussed must be included in the coach’s employment contract as if they have been legally negotiated. This means that the combination of experience in the fast-paced business of professional football and legal expertise meets all the requirements of providing support for coaching careers."